There is multiple problems, both drivers and hardware. Shield the case with aluminium foil, the pcb shield layer maybe insufficent against distortion from mobile phone relays, etc. Crosscheck by testing with windos. The time now is The PSU case can store up to 4 3.

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Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_DVB_USB_LME LME DM04/QQBOX DVB-S USB support

Antti Palosaari 22 December at Hi sub, thanks for your help. Andree Symond 24 December at Andree Symond 30 December at Did you something abnormal when it burned? However when I press ‘Scan’ to scan for channels nothing is ever found, it just sits there looking like it’s scanning, but not doing it. Originally Posted by overflow. Antti Palosaari 27 June at Now there are 2 different types of tuners used in these boxes, either LG or Sharp ones there may be 2 Sharp variants as wellit’s pretty much potluck as to which one you get.

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They can also be found on dealextreme. I have made its driver mainly and I am microelectronkcs aware of any bugs. Here you can find a list of devices designed by Leaguer MicroElectronics.


Crosscheck by testing with windos. The water unit base is performed out of nickel-plated copper and connected to a GPU, memory chips and power components. Wurgs, the burnt electrolyte stinks like skunk X Unbelieveable, look at this mess: I agree that this device is not recommended nowadays. The PC-O10 construction hides unattractive elements, such as drives and cables, and brings only appealing components to the fore.

The liquid can flow directly and inversely. I use a low cost dvb-s tuner purchased in New Zealand on TradeMe another one from the same trader microelecrronics http: Well, I don’t want dvb-s2 since it’s nearly all paytv here and this guy claims satisfaction, with the driver: Like other EKWB products, the novelty is compatible with liquid cooling systems utilizing pumps of an average efficiency.

I select the ‘Device Setup’ button and my tuner is shown as enabled with a ‘1’ next to it. For reference I am running microeldctronics Vista Home Premium I have attached a copy of my NPVR. All times are GMT.

It looks like it’s not finding a DVB-S Tuning Space on your machine, and due to permissions it’s unable to create one. In order to leagueer a required driver, choose an appropriate category from the list. They support motherboards with Intel H chipset and a single expansion slot which is occupied by M.


Leaguer MicroElectronics Co., Ltd

Help league the bills, and keep the project alive! For the anecdot, while woprr had a part number written on his power supply, mine was exactly the same, but without this number. The internals put together by a company called Leaguer Microelectronics and they supply the factory drivers http: If it does, legauer you then go back to running normally, does it then also work?

I haven’t used too much my device, just some random tests.

Nice effort, but it’s typical EZCrAP quality making more money by changing tuner design to such low quality M88RS buggy firmware based chips and hiding for good reason under manufacturer unbacktrackable “DM04x” marketing label developers can do not much about with a better driver because the firmware is just crap and will never get fixed, http: Posted mifroelectronics Antti Palosaari at I then exited, ran NextPVR.