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So maybe you can help: You only have to supply it one voltage between 2. Instead of just setting a pin high you pwm it. Can you post connection with battery. I am using this module to light led when both A and B are forward and run motors when both A and B are in backward with diode for motors. Powered by WordPress and Hybrid by Bajdi.

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Each motor channel uses the same truth table as above. That can be a significant problem.

Each set of screw terminals is used to connect a motor. The voltage used to drive the chip is the same voltage used to drive the motors.

Your browser does not support JavaScript! So there is no voltage regulator attached. Otherwise, the regulator could goes into an over-current protection mode and shut down. More then enough for a small DC motor.

We recommend using input 1A to control the speed of each motor and input 1B motof control the direction.

How to use the HG (L) Dual Channel Motor Driver Module

So when pin 3 is sinking it goes one direction and when it is sourcing it goes in the other. Do you think it would be possible to control this driver with a joystick? Works when l110 via USB power to arduino nano but not with a 9v battery.


The chips want PWM input. The board has 6 male pins and 2 double terminals. So now I just need to find out how Arduinos can do that. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. One input is used to select the motor direction while the other is used to control mltor motor speed.

This is why some of you are frying the ICs, sorry. You only have to supply it one voltage between 2.

L9110S Dual-Channel H-Bridge Motor Driver Module

I looked for a simple moto with an H-bridge type of power driver. Also, on your schematic I don’t see ANY capacitors. The truth table for a single HG L chip is as follows:.

It’s a de-coupling problem, read: The truth table for a single HG L chip is as follows: This site uses cookies. These caps provide a ‘local battery’ effect providing current when the motors switch on, so that the voltage of Vcc doesn’t drop too low.


Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. There should also be capacitors close to the motor drivers between Vcc and ground. Thanks for your help In the data sheet it shows a square wave can mootr tell me about that? I bought another small motor driver, this time a mtoor with 2 L H-bridge chips. I can get one going but then I connect the other motor everything shuts moyor. Uh, the pin connections are described in the beginning of the code.

You are commenting using your WordPress. I found that the lowest stable speed was when the PWM was set to 80, up to the maximum of One motor works fine but when I connect the other one the Arduino resets.