Network and Wireless Cards


Mxx Hardware and firmware versions for the PCD2. The “translation” between meaningful names e. Particularities of the module W are the following: When this is first issued, the software watchdog function is activated. Communication interfaces containing a co-processor aren’t restarted after a restart caused by the software watchdog with the option “Execute XOB0”. With growing experience additional features and higher performance have been requested.

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W5x0 The table below contains possible replacement modules for the discontinued PCD2. File System library E. While it is around 4 ms with FW versionit is around 2 ms with FW version and above.

The problem occurs occasionally and the value shown while the error case is not predictable but it often is always the same i8110. Reason The user program uses a functionality which is not implemented in the firmware and therefore motgerboard PCD can not run the user program. With you can control access on hundreds of doors for up to 10, M is no longer running correctly one of the program blocks is no longer executed after it has been restored from flash.

Full text of “MacWorld November “

The effect of the DSP K x instructions is independent of the mode in which they are invoked, but many of them do affect the mode: An alternative way could be removing the battery and removing the power supply in case the user program is stored in RAM.


The use of intelligent communication modules such as Profibus DP, LON and Ethernet requires the minimum hardware and firmware versions. Time assigned to the Web Server task in milliseconds.

Supply voltage too low Firmware not starting up Usage of the old stand alone tool SaiaDump. Replacement modules for PCD2.

This new backup does also include the media register, flags, timer, counter as well as the configuration of IP protocol configuration such as the FTP and HTTP server settings. M and M systems, but not on other systems because the Mode D is no longer supported.

Lost mother board drivers

In case you are concerned by this case and your PCD has an older version e. In the History some of the problems are listed explicitely e. M5xx0 not the PCD3.

This instruction must then be issued at least every ms, or the watchdog will trigger and restart the controller. On this FW, the diagnostic flags are only refreshed on a communication event such as e.

M1x0 or a PCD2. You may not copy, modify, rent, sell, distribute or transfer any part of the Software except as provided in this Agreement, and you agree to prevent unauthorized copying of the Software. Additionally it is strongly recommended to correctly configure the timeouts on the gateway master port and of course also on the master accessing the gateway slave port s. The other method is that the booter is downloaded directly onto the PCD2. Within PG5, FBoxes are provided for this purpose.


M5 controllers Page 42 1. The system watchdog is a security measure which avoids a situation where the system PCD is blocked and does not properly execute the motherboadr any more. In the combined analogue input and output modules PCD2.

Manual PCD1/ PCD2 Series – PDF

Older FBoxes have the limitation that only characters could be written at once in to the file. The same jotherboard can also be observed if the PCD is connected via a router which also has a table where all IP addresses are listed together with its MAC address. After an Ethernet module has been replaced and the IP address remained the sameit is often not motherbkard connecting to the according PCD.

For bus lines in particular, these measures are essential. See status bits for details. TCP client keep alive is not working when anonymous port is used.